Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wall-E - Something to Think About.....

Wall E and Eve

I just got home from seeing the new Pixar movie - "Wall-E".

Wall-E :)

The movie opens with a grim look at planet earth and how overconsumption has taken over and forced humans to relocate to a space ship which has stayed in space for over 700 years. There is a nice love story in this movie but I think the real premise is what could happen to the human race if earth is no longer inhabitable.

Wall-E is a sweet little robot who loves to collect unusual things which he keeps well organized in his home. This was the best part of the movie for me - watching him store his little treasures in his revolving bookcase - very cool idea. I loved the part where he finds a diamond ring in its blue velvet ring box and he throws away the ring and keeps the box!

wall e


John Trosko said...

This movie looks adorable. Nice post, Wendy. Great for you to bring this up on your new organizing blog!


Wendy Cross said...

Thank you for your nice comments John. I'm enjoying my new blog - I've got so many ideas. Please pass my blog along to others if you can. Thanks! Wendy