Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Book Recommendation No. 2 - Weekend Makeover

Weekend Makeover: Take Your Home from Messy to Magnificent in Only 48 Hours!!

Don Aslett's "Weekend Makeover - Take Your House From Messy to Magnificent in Only 48 Hours" is my 2nd book recommendation. This book is perfect for someone who is trying to get a handle on their own clutter and is ready to make that a reality.

Aslett states that the best place to start decluttering is somewhere that's easy - a place in your home you have no real attachment to. For example, the guest bedroom where extra luggage, craft supplies, old work-out equipment and holiday decorations have come to roost. It's that sore spot in your home - the one place you can no longer tolerate.

Start with a plan - a place in your home where you'll get quick results. Last week I purged through my DVD collection which made room on the shelves to store the remaining DVD's, and allowed me to arrange them in alphabetical order.

Pick a clear block of time - say a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Friday night is planning night. Gather together some containers (old boxes or large plastic storage containers) and label them "trash", "recycle", "to keep", "to store", and "to donate".

Saturday morning is "purging time". Get up early and have a light breakfast. Begin purging - starting at one end of the space and working your way around. Remove the trash, recycle, donate and store containers as soon as they are full.

Remember to keep hydrated by drinking water and eating small snacks/meals throughout the day to keep your energy up.

Keep working until the room is cleared of excess clutter. This will give you an idea of what's left and how to begin organizing.

Sunday is your day to start organizing what remains.

Aslett includes chapters on reasons to dejunk, a room by room guide to clutter, the costs of clutter to our lives, and how to continue living junk-free once you've finished dejunking at home.

This book is an easy read and will really motivate you to get started de-cluttering your rooms and your life.

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