Thursday, July 10, 2008

Messiest House in America - Can they Handle the Chronically Disorganized?

Wow, I just got through watching the 2-hour episode of Clean House's Messiest House in America on the Style Channel. They did a beautiful job on an incredibly cluttered home. But more than the clutter, was the absolute filth among the clutter.

As an organizer, I'm not at liberty to discuss my own experiences but when it's laid out for you on national TV, anything goes. Imagine if you will a bathroom toilet that probably hasn't been cleaned since 2002 and dishes in the kitchen with food that has spoiled so badly it has literally grown hair.

Conquering Chronic Disorganization 2nd Edition

Unfortunately, Clean House doesn't really delve into the issue of chronic disorganization. Judith Kolberg, the author of "Conquering Chronic Disorganization", defines chronic disorganization as "disorganization that has a long history, undermines one's quality of life on a daily basis and recurs".

Watch the episode for yourself. You'll probably feel as I do - that this couple will not be able to continue to keep their newly renovated home in its current condition until they address the underlying issues of why it got to be so bad in the first place.

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