Thursday, July 31, 2008

Organizing Your Comic Books


If you are a comic book collector or know a comic book collector, this product is right up your alley.

One of the main reasons I went to the San Diego Comic-Con last week was to find the Drawerboxes for Comics booth. The booth was run by Richard Vincent of The Collection Drawer Company of Denver, Colorado. I spoke with Mr. Vincent at length about his product which he was happy to demonstrate for me.

These drawer boxes are made out of heavy duty corrugated cardboard with triple layer construction which makes them easy to stack vertically and horizontally. They are the perfect size for a closet. It is never recommended that comic books be stored in a garage or other outdoor storage area due to changes in weather and humidity.

There are two sizes of drawer boxes - short boxes at 18" deep and long boxes at 26" deep. The long boxes hold approximately 245 standard size comic books. A set of 5 long boxes is priced at $48.75 plus shipping; the short boxes are $42.50 plus shipping for a set of 5.

The handles on the drawer boxes are reinforced to withstand continued opening and closing and the drawers are designed with stops to keep them from opening too far and falling onto the floor.

Recently The Collection Drawer Company has added Boxlox Box Anchors which are small plastic anchors that connect two side-by-side drawers together so when you open one drawer, it doesn't move any of the other drawers surrounding it.

Another new introduction is the Box Sort Upright Dividers which are assembled inside the drawer to keep the comic books from falling back or forward and make it easy to label the dividers if you want to keep your Spider Man comics separate from your Superman comics.

The Collection Drawer Company can be reached at 303-368-7873 or you can email them at:

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