Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Campus Calm - Learning How to Handling Stress in High School & College

If you have a child going off to college this year, this website is a great one for both of you. It's called "Campus Calm" and it's all about helpful suggestions for creating happy and successful students who can deal with the stress of campus life.

When you or your student signs up with this website, they will receive four free gifts:
  1. A special report entitled "10 Mindsets Students Must Have to Be Happy and Successful";
  2. An audio MP# entitled "How to Stress Less and Lead a Self-Focused Career Search";
  3. A podcast subscription entitled "Talking High School & College Student Stress"; and
  4. A free e-zine (email newsletter) subscription to Campus Calm Connections
The website includes student forums, free tips & articles, and success experts' blogs on subjects such as networking, nutrition, college planning, career planning, body image and (my favorite) time management.

My family will be spending the next year and a half on college entrance exams and decisions on where our daughter will attend college. I plan on spending a lot of time perusing this website.

Thanks Campus Calm!

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