Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School - Homeschooling with The Schoolhouse Planner

I'll be honest with you - I know virtually nothing about homeschooling. But I admire those parents who do homeschool - they need to be very devoted and organized in what they are doing; taking total responsibility for their children's education.

I came across this Homeschooling Planner the other day and checked it out on their website - The Old Schoolhouse Store.

The planner includes:

• Yearly, monthly, weekly and daily calendars
• Lists of holidays
• Planners for your homeschool
• A place to record your homeschooling goals
• Curriculum planning forms
• Evaluation forms and test score recording sheets
• A field trip planning form and recording log
• Science lab and nature study sheets
• Extracurricular activities record sheets
• Address and telephone records

All this for only $39.

The Old School House Store also will provide supplements to the planner throughout the year.

The Old School House company is a Christian based company so the planner also includes sections on bible study.

I would definitely check this out if you are a homeschooler or are planning to homeschool your child.

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