Friday, August 29, 2008

Bankers Boxes - They're Not All Alike

In my experience as a professional organizer, I've run across many different types of bankers boxes - the white fold-up storage boxes used in homes and offices, primarily for storing paper.

What I've noticed is the vast difference in the quality of these boxes so I've decided to outline a variety of them here on my blog as information for my readers:

The first type of box is the best quality, and the most expensive. The box is essentially two layers thick which works best for long term storage of heavier items. These boxes are the "keepers" - you're spending a lot more money for them - use them over and over again if you wish. These boxes typically run about $60 for a dozen at your local office supply store.

The next type of box is the one-layer bankers box made from recycled materials. These boxes are not as strong and are not made to be stacked too high as they may buckle under the weight. These boxes are good for storing lighter weight items and are not recommended to be reused too many times. They usually run about $34 per dozen and are also available at most office supply stores.

This last type of bankers box is one of my favorites. It's a single layer box but is made of a heavier material and is sold at The Container Store. These boxes are great for storing files and other medium weight items and run about $63 for 20 boxes.

As is the case with all three of these bankers boxes, they are best not stored in the garage as the openings on the sides (for carrying purposes) can leave them open to harboring insects or, dare I say it, rodents.

For garage storage of files, I recommend these plastic file storage boxes with lids. They are available at most office supply stores and at The Container Store.


Tatarco & Son said...

What size are the boxes?
Thank you.

Wendy Cross said...

These are standard 10" high, 12" wide and 15" deep.