Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tip Tuesday - Under the Kitchen Sink

Keep your soaps, sponges, and supplies inside a plastic dish pan under your kitchen sink to keep them from getting wet should there be a leak from the faucet or dishwasher. If you ever need to dry out that area, it will be easy to just remove the dish pan with the supplies inside which will be dry and safe from ruin. And never store paper goods under the kitchen sink as they will get ruined should there be a leak.

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Miss Inge said...

Storage is an issue. In fact, it's such an issue that I don't belong to Costco anymore. I just couldn't find enough room to store the extra amounts of stuff I felt I had to buy. And I kind of like Costco--I miss going there. But I always spent over $100 and often quite a bit more, and came home with things like rice cookers that I never really used. It was not a Simply Living kind of habit...

Wow, where did today go?