Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tip Tuesday - Paper Towels & Milk

Milk bottles with cardboard stoppers.  Home delivery. Pictures, Images and Photos

I find that the plastic milk jugs that I bring home from the store are often moist from condensation and sometimes have dirt or dry milk product on them. When I store them on top of paper towels, this keeps the refrigerator shelves clean and I can just replace the paper towels rather than have to clean the shelves frequently.

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Miss Inge said...

I have a friend who I once watched while she was putting away her groceries. When she got out the gallon container of milk, she matter-of-factly rinsed it off under cold water and then wiped it dry with a dish towel. Then she put it in the fridge. It made so much sense, and yet I had never thought of doing that, of taking the time or bother, I guess. But it's not that hard, and then you get that crusty milk dust all cleaned off, too. Or you could put a paper towel down in the fridge, too. I'll try that.
Of course, now that Matt's away, we tend not to go through the milk quite as quickly.