Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Part II

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Spring is a great time to lighten up your closets. Consider donating any heavy winter clothing that you and your family did not wear. Store sweaters in containers with cedar chips to keep them safe from clothes loving bugs during the warmer months. Before storing, be sure to wash or dry clean any coats or sweaters so they’ll be free of stains that bugs love to explore.

Make sure to clean or replace the filters in your air conditioning system.

Removing and washing the window screens can make a big difference in the amount of dirt that enters your home. Try doing this on a warm weekend when you can enlist the help of other family members. Use a strong hose and soft brush along with soapy water. Let the screens dry all day and return them to the windows before the sun goes down. You’ll be surprised how much more light will come through when the window screens are clean.

Hose down your outdoor furniture and clean out the rain gutters. Sweep the porch thoroughly and brush down any spider or cobwebs that have accumulated in the overhangs and porch lights.

Get the garage ready for summer. Take stock of your gardening tools and supplies and replace anything that’s broken or missing parts. Throw away any broken flowerpots and old seeds from previous years. Start fresh with new bags of soil and plants.

Remember, take just 30 minutes a day and you’ll be ready for Spring and Summer in no time.


Miss Inge said...

Hi Wendy: What do you think is the psychology behind holding onto big, bulky winter jackets and coats for many, many years? We have a closet dedicated to saving these things, although no one ever, ever wears them. Maybe because they were mildly expensive, we can't seem to let go of them.
I will give that closet thirty minutes tomorrow!

Marlene Detierro said...

Thanks for such a thorough list. My house is getting grimy, and I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to begin. This will help me tons. Thanks!

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