Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Have a "Should Do" Kind of Day

Today I'm having a "getting things done that I should do" day. What this means is that I'm trying to accomplish all those little tasks that I see around the house all the time and say to myself "I really should do that".

Here's how to start:

Take a day when you really don't have much planned. I know, when's that, right? But maybe a Saturday when you are going to be home most of the day. Turn off the TV and the computer and keep phone calls to a minimum.

Then, go from room to room and make a short list of those little things you've been meaning to do but never get around to. For example, I have a picture in my bathroom and I keep noticing that it has water spots on the glass. Every time I look at it I say to myself "I really need to clean that glass". But then I move on and it doesn't get done. Today, is the day I cleaned that glass. It took all of 2 minutes but I got it done.

Just take a few minutes to tackle each of these little chores and you will feel like you've accomplished a lot at the end of the day. Then reward yourself with a good meal or glass of wine, put your feet up and relax. Your "should do" day is done.

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