Wednesday, January 7, 2009

15 Minute Organizing - The Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's a quick 15 minute organizing tip - cleaning out your medicine cabinet.

Start with an empty trash can and some cleaning supplies. Empty everything out of your medicine cabinet onto the counter. Use Windex or other liquid bathroom cleaner to clean out the inside of the cabinet including the shelves and sides.

Now start going through the items from the medicine cabinet. Be careful not to flush any medicines - over the counter or prescription - down the toilet as they will wash out to sea and can be harmful to the environment.

Medicines should be stored outside of the bathroom due to the high moisture most bathrooms contain. Moisture can be harmful to medicines and make them work less effectively.

The best place to store medicine is in a high kitchen cabinet away from the heat of your oven and stove and out of the reach of small children.

Other bathroom products can be stored in your medicine cabinet. Place like items together and throw away any expired items or those you do not use. Consider donating any unopened bath products to a homeless shelter or mission.

Empty containers with the proper recycling markers can be placed in your recycling container.

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