Monday, January 12, 2009

Got a Kindle for Christmas - Thanks Santa!!

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Well even though I didn't stand in line to see Santa this year, he knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas - an Amazon KINDLE!

Those of you who know me personally, know that I am a huge reader of books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and, of course, organizing books - whatever I can get my hands on. So, the Kindle is a perfect techie tool for me since I can get all of these things at once on a little book sized computer screen. And I can get them right away - which is always a big plus.

Santa (aka my dear husband Alan) was wise enough to buy my Kindle way back in early November and hide it away. Good thing he did because Amazon has been sold out of the Kindle since December 1st and they are still on back-order with an ever growing waiting list.

I'm loving the Kindle so far - have downloaded a few books, blogs, and a newsletter - enough to keep me busy for awhile.


Pam said...

How big is the print? Newsprint is about the smallest I can handle! Reading stuff on my iPhone is a challenge for my pushing 60 year old eyes. I am considering subscribing to some magazines on Zinio, though.

Wendy Cross said...

Pam - the Kindle has a feature where you can choose the size font that's best for you. From super small to super big. I chose a medium size font - similar to a regular hardcover book's print and it's working just fine.

Just got off the plane from Seattle and used the Kindle the whole way.