Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Favorite Office Tool - The Elfa Mesh File Cart

Here is one of my favorite things that I use every day in my office. It's the Elfa white mesh rolling file cart from The Container Store. I asked for this for Christmas a few years back and my dear husband gladly complied.

What I love most about this file cart are the two drawers below the files where I can store all my smaller office supplies - stapler, calculator, ruler, paper clips, etc. I bought one of the Elfa plastic drawer sorters that fits right into the top drawer and holds all my stuff.

Here's a hint for you - the letter size and legal size file carts are the same price. I asked for the legal size because the drawers are larger and will hold more. I just use the large legal size pendaflex folders and put my smaller letter file folders inside. Works for me!

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Blake said...

That's a nifty organizer right there! I think I'll buy some for my office space in Reston, VA. The papers in the office have to be organized, and always ready to be pulled out in case we need them. Well, I'm not saying that the cabinets are not useful anymore. It's just that it's much less of a hassle if the papers are out and easily accessible. Oh, maybe I'll get one for my office space in Dulles, VA, too. Anyway, thanks for the awesome suggestion!