Friday, September 19, 2008

Learn to Say No - Make Yourself a Priority

Are we all taking on more than we can handle? Are we stressing ourselves out? I found this to be true when I was a parent volunteer at my daughter's elementary school a few years ago. I was the library parent volunteer, room parent, parent organization secretary and assistant chair of the silent auction.

When someone asked me to take on one more assignment, a good friend took me aside and gave me some of the best advice I'd ever gotten. "Just say no", he said. "No one will think any less of you, they'll find someone else, and you won't be taking on any more stress than you can handle".

I've taken that advice forward in my life and it has worked so well for me. So, thank you, dear friend.

Know your limits - know when enough is enough. Just say no when you feel you'll be taking on more than you can reasonably handle in your life. Take time out for you.

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