Friday, September 5, 2008

Organizing in 15 Minutes - Your Sock Drawer

Here's a quick 15 minute organizing tip that will make your life so much easier when you're getting ready in the morning.

Start by taking all of your socks out of their drawer and placing them on your bed or another flat surface. Go through them and sort first by pair. Any socks left over should be set aside for now.

Go through each pair and be honest about their condition and whether you still wear them or not. Each pair you decide to keep should be folded together into thirds.

I have organized my socks in an easy to use and assemble sock sorter which fits right into my dresser drawer. This can be modified into different shapes to fit in many different sized drawers. One pair of socks should fit into each slot.

The socks that don't have partners should be set aside in the sock drawer for no more than two weeks. If their partners don't show up by then, the remaining sock should be discarded.

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