Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Type of Learner Are You?

Franklin Covey put together a great article about learning types which I would like to summarize for you here:

Studies have shown that people generally possess one of three types of learning styles:
Visual, Auditory or Tactile/Kinesthetic.

If you are a Visual Learner you:

Learn best from reading;
Like to see things written out; and
Use words and diagrams as memory aids

If you are an Auditory Learner you:

Recall spoken stories better than ones you’ve read;
Follow oral instructions better than written ones; and
Say words in your head as you read silently

And, if you are a Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner you:

Enjoy doing experiments and role playing;
Are good at puzzles and mazes; and
Can often put things together without instructions

Finding out which learning style works best for you will help to better handle your files and paperwork at home or in the office.

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