Friday, October 17, 2008

Having an Organized Book Fair

This week we had our semi-annual book fair which was a huge success. We have a great group of dedicated parents who help make this book fair a wonderful event and fundraiser for the school.

But a book fair is nothing, if it's not organized. Organizing a book fair is easy if you remember to group your books by category - similar to how a library is laid out. Have all fiction books together - picture books displayed on tables and chapter books displayed together by author and reading level.

Non-fiction books should be displayed by themes and categories - e.g. ancient cultures, the West, art and painting, dance, music, etc.

Make sure you have non-fiction books that appeal to young children too - how-to-draw books and books on space, transportation and animals.

In other words, know your audience. Gear your books towards the children and families you know will shop at your book fair and who will buy the books they love the most.

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