Monday, October 13, 2008

Students - How Are You Making Your Student Planners Work for You?

Students – How are you Using Your Student Planners?

We’re well into the second month of school now, and I’m wondering how many students are really using their school planners to their best advantage.

Are you writing down all your long and short-term assignments in the dates provided? Are you allocating time each evening to tackle a portion of that term paper that’s due before Halloween?

Now’s the time to re-think if you’re using your student planner to it’s fullest capacity.

In August, I posted a blog about Student Organization in which I recommended using a blank Teacher Planner for your calendaring needs. What’s great about these planners is that there are no pre-selected dates or information crowding the spaces you need to use. You create the planner you want.

Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your student planner:

Use your planner for everything in your lives – not just school activities. Plan your exercise times, community service projects, weekend and social activities too.

Don’t forget to bring your planner to every class. If you have a free period in school every day, plan what you will do to make the most of that free time. Study for that test tomorrow or get a jump-start on your homework.

Make a list of your goals in your planner. Try to list at least 4-5 goals (personal, health and educational) each month and see how many you can accomplish. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get through the list – just transfer those you didn’t get to and still want to accomplish onto the next month’s pages.

In other words, make the planner do the work.

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