Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday - Is it Really Worth It?

I know many people will be getting up at the crack of dawn, or not going to bed at all, to be first in line for the "Black Friday" specials. Black Friday is the traditional day after Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza.

I'll admit - I've gotten up a few times to check out the specials at Target but I've never spent the night outside Best Buy or Walmart for anything. I hear that this year, especially, there won't be as many "Loss Leaders" as there have been in the past and that many stores will stay open all night to avoid the problems they had last year with crowd control and one unfortunate death.

What do you do on "Black Friday"? I know this year I'll be spending it snug and warm under the covers. Let me know if you find any great deals.


Tracy said...

Wow Wendy - what a photo! I've never been out early on Black Friday so I had no idea. I rarely ever go anywhere on Black Friday at all! :) Tracy


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