Saturday, September 19, 2009

College Application Planning

Senior year is here for our daughter and, of course, now we're planning for college. We've visited many schools over the last few months and have narrowed down the choices to eight schools.

There is so much to know about applying to college. Each college may or may not have its own application process. Some schools use the Common Application - most with a supplemental application of their own. Other schools (Cal States, for example), have one application that is used for all of their campuses. You just check off the campus(s) you're choosing to apply to.

With these different applications come different application due dates. Last weekend, I purchased a large calendar which will become "application central" in our house. All due dates including applications, test scores, letters of recommendation, housing applications, etc. will be calendared here.

The College Board is a good source for compiling some of this information however, I have found some deadlines which were not included on their website so I recommend using your own. We're fortunate to also have a very hands-on college counselor at our daughter's high school. This isn't always the case so I recommend using some sort of master calendaring system in your college application process.

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