Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Moving Checklist

Summer's here - the busiest time of the year for moving. For my next two posts I will be blogging a moving checklist which will help organize your move and make it easier than ever before.

Six Weeks Before Move

Hire a moving company. If you're happy with one you've used before or you know someone who's raved about their moving company, give them a call. Or check the Yellow Pages or online at for a moving company in your area. Be sure and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no outstanding claims against the company.

Once you've picked the moving company you want to use, schedule an appointment with them for a thorough inspection of what you plan to move. Get insurance coverage with the moving company as well as with your homeowners insurance company to ensure that any breakage/damage will be adequately covered.

Five Weeks Before Move

Take a tour through your home and designate items you'll be giving away, those you're selling and those you'll be keeping and moving with you. Get those items you can do without out of the house now and off to charity, consignment, Craig's List or Ebay. It will make it easier to see what you have left to move and will free up space for packing boxes.

Start thinking about magazines/periodicals and newspapers that will need to be forwarded to your new address. If you know where you're moving now, start the process of sending forwarding information to publishers so that your reading materials will get to your new address easily. Use the mailing label on your magazines for the information publishers will need to get this rolling.

Four Weeks Before Move

Start packing. If you can borrow or acquire used boxes from a friend, neighbor, or off of Craig's List, great. Otherwise you will have to purchase packing boxes which can be expensive. I usually advise my clients not to use boxes from the grocery store because they may contain insects or insect larvae which will then be brought into your home.

Buy clean packing newspaper (available at office supply and U-Haul locations) for packing your china and glassware. Regular newsprint can transfer on to your glass items which will then require cleaning before they can be put away.

Pack those items you will not be needing before the move first.

Make a chart of your new home and color-code each room. While you are packing boxes, make sure you color code packed boxes (use colorful stickers) for the appropriate room where they will be placed by the movers on moving day.

Three Weeks Before Move

Set up telephone and cable service at your new address. Make appointments now to avoid delays in service when you arrive at your new home. Schedule the appointments for the day after you arrive if possible.

** Watch for my next blog post which will continue this moving checklist. **

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