Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moving Checklist - Part 2

Two Weeks Before Move

Notify utility companies on both ends of your move. Have utilities at your existing residence stay connected until the day after your move. Have the utilities at your new residence turned on the day before your move. If you are just moving across town, see if you can keep the same accounts open for telephone, gas and electricity.

Purchase change of address cards to send to friends and family. You can have pre-printed cards made up or print them yourself on the computer. Include your new phone number and email address on the cards as well.

Change your address on all remaining accounts including credit/charge cards and banking accounts. Fill out a forwarding order at the post office for all other mail.

Arrange to have your new residence thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in. Do the same at your existing residence after you move out.

Contact a locksmith in your new neighborhood to arrange to have the locks changed on your new residence at the time you move in. Make this appointment for the day you move in if you can arrange a convenient time.

One Week Before Move

Finish packing any remaining items that will go with the movers. Set aside a space in each room for items you will be bringing with you (either by car or in your suitcase if moving out of the area).

Create a "last-out, first-in box" which will hold items you will need immediately upon arriving at your new home. This should include sheets, pillows, towels, paper plates, napkins or paper towels, plastic utensils, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and anything else you will need that first night to feel comfortable. This box should be the last one on the moving truck and the first one off.

Plan to take jewelry and other valuables with you in your suitcase or in your car so they are not out of sight at any time. When you arrive at your destination, keep them locked in the car on moving day.

Day of Move

Talk a walk through each room to make sure you have packed and taken everything you wanted.

Leave a drawer in the kitchen filled with appliance manuals, keys and other instructions on the home you are leaving for the new tenants/owners.

When you arrive at your new home, make sure to have someone there to direct traffic so the movers can quickly and efficiently place furniture and other items where they will go. The sooner they finish, the sooner you can begin to settle in to your new home.


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