Monday, June 29, 2009

Organizing in 15 Minutes - Get your Kids School Papers in Order

June is almost over and I'm sure those of you with kids are now inundated with school papers from this last academic year.

Take some time now to sort these papers into piles by subject (history, math, english, etc.) and file them in plastic file envelopes - labeled, of course.

I recommend keeping them through the end of the following school year in case your student has to refer back to any work done in the previous year.

You can purchase these plastic file envelopes at Office Max or other office supply stores.

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Miss Inge said...

It saddens me so much to see students toss their papers and other work aside when the last days of school roll around. I know their parents want to see some of the work, if not all of it, but the kids just can't seem to unload it fast enough. I force them to pack up everything that appears student-generated, like stories and reports and artwork.