Friday, June 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

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My neighborhood grocery store recently went through a major renovation and when I went back, they had changed all the aisles around and nothing was where it used to be.

Check out this article on the Real Simple Magazine website. Their suggestion about customizing your shopping list to match the aisles in the supermarket will cut down on impulse buying and helps keep you on track to shop for only what you came in to purchase. You can also highlight items on the list which you have coupons for. I know I've been guilty of leaving the grocery store and then remembering that I left the coupons in my purse - sometimes over $10 worth!.

Sticking to the grocery list and planning menus before shopping can really save time and money at the grocery store.


Miss Inge said...

I read that article too, I think. Didn't it mention creating a list on the computer for each of the stores you frequent? That really makes sense. The best bet for me is to make sure I don't shop when I'm hungry. Of course that's when Whole Foods beckons most intensely!

Liza said...

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