Monday, May 18, 2009

A Shout-Out to

When I was starting my organizing business, I knew I would have to create a "doing business as" (dba) name, as well as go through other legal steps to start a legitimate business. I began doing research on local law offices who could help me but their prices were exorbitant. So I went online and found which is an online legal office started by attorney Robert Shapiro.

LegalZoom was able to file the appropriate papers to create my dba name as well as follow all the steps to getting the process completed including publishing the appropriate notices in my local papers. The fee was very reasonable.

My husband and I have also used LegalZoom to create our Living Wills and Trusts - everything you need to know is on their website. They ask you a very complete list of questions and cover everything you could think of when planning your estate. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance for business or family law issues and doesn't want to pay high legal fees.

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Miss Inge said...

Hi Wendy: Thanks also for the tip about the Container Store! I signed up even though I don't know my school I.D. I hope it works!

Do you have thoughts about how to handle too many calendars? I use a Palm Pilot because it fits in my purse, but a school calendar for official stuff, and a wall calendar at school because it has cool Sierra Club photos on it and it's right next to my phone and desk. Then another pretty calendar at home, plus another portable notebook calendar just because. Not to mention the cool calendar apps on my computer. You can probably see my problem here.

Maybe I can add this question to my list of questions when I can actually arrange a consultation with you this summer...?