Monday, February 16, 2009

High School Time Management Tips

I wanted to share some great time management tips found in School Specialty's High School Agenda Planner. School Specialty publishes this wonderful planner each year specifically geared toward high school students.

I recommend following these time management tips in this order:
1. Schedule time for what needs to be done - school, work, family and top commitments

2. Schedule time for what you want to do - things that help you recharge after a day's work; and

3. Learn how to use spare time - slip in things you couldn't get done - don't let spare time go to waste.


Janet Fox said...

Hi Wendy - I just discovered your nice review of my book ("Get Organized Without Losing It"). Thank you so much!

And I like your blog - your recommendations are terrific.

Best- Janet Fox

Wendy Cross said...

Thank you Janet. I really enjoyed your book and have spotlighted it in my elementary school library. Thank you for writing it.