Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pendaflex Pile Smart Organizers - A Review

I've been asked to review three wonderful products from the premier file organizer company - Pendaflex. I am being compensated for this review.

The first item I will review is my favorite of the three - the Pendaflex Pile Smart Organizer Tray. I'm always trying to keep my clients from using file trays as items tend to get piled up and forgotten. But this product takes piling to a new, organized, level. The Pile Smart Organizer tray allows you to pile items, but organize them at the same time by providing dividers so items do not get lost or forgotten in the piles.

The Organizer Tray comes with 6 dividers with tabs both on the side and on top. The dividers are loose, not attached, which means you can pile a large document within each divider. The tabs have a write and erase finish on them so they can be used over and over. The organizer tray is a clear lucite tray which would go with any office decor. I will be using this product in the fall when I return to an administrative position at a local private school. I'm so looking forward to using and recommending this organizer tray to my clients.

The Pile Smart Organizer Tray is available through amazon.com.

The second item I will be reviewing is the Pendaflex Pile Smart View Folders. These are letter size, multi-colored see-through folders with tabs on the side. I can easily see using these in a desktop multi-tiered filing system. The best part about these files is that they're see-through and you can easily remove the labels from the tabs and use these files again and again.

The Pile Smart View Folders come 6 to a package and contain 2 of each color: blue, purple and green and are available online at amazon.com.

My last review is for another product in the Pile Smart line - the Pendaflex Pile Smart Binder Clips. These binder clips are fantastic in that they actually have a place on the clip to label what is being clipped. A new and innovative idea that again keeps items on your desk from getting lost or buried under other paperwork. I love these clips and plan on using them over and over in the coming months.

The Pile Smart Binder Clips come 6 to a package and come in three colors - blue, purple and green - to match the Pile Smart View Folders. The Pile Smart Binder Clips are available online at amazon.com.

Thank you Pendaflex for continually coming up with innovative products that make organizing so much easier.

You can follow the Pendaflex company on Facebook using the call name Beyond Folders and on Twitter with the call name beyondfolders.


amyonymous said...

hey - i want one of those trays. they look very cool.

Emma said...

I've got those nifty organizers in our office space in Charlotte, NC! Other than being colorful, they make sure that your files are organized! In our office, we are supposed to personalize our desks to make it look organized and fit for our taste. When my co-workers in the Charlotte, NC office space saw my Pendaflex organizers, they all asked me where can I buy it and how much it costs. They really want their desks to be as organized as mine!

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